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  • What is your profession? Are you a chartered accountant, doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer? Do you want to expand your accounting firm, clinic, agency, or consultancy? Have you found an opportunity to use your expertise and skills in a way to expand your existing setup? Whether you want to start afresh or expand your existing profession, you will need CASH. The professional loan is the best choice. This is particularly targeted for professionals who are looking for extra money to expand and start their own business.
  • The professional loan is a part of business loans, yet they are offered to specific customers with specific eligibility and requirements. Undoubtedly, many professionals use personal loans for their business requirements, but a professional loan is used for ‘business purpose’ only.
  • Funds shouldn’t stop you from starting or expanding your business. We at Paisa Expo help you find suitable lenders to meet your financial requirements. Our experts are ready to assist with the entire process of a loan application, document verification, and loan approval.



  • A professional loan is a loan or credit which is taken by professionals like doctors, accountants, engineers, dentists, lawyers, company secretaries, architects, consultants, and other professionals. It is much similar to personal loans, but a non-collateral loan. The loan is primarily taken for initiating a startup or even for expanding the existing business. Many professionals use the fund to finance a foreign trip, conference, or seminar related to the work.



  • Professional loans are taken by professionals who have their consultancy or are looking to build one. The professional should also be practicing their services for a minimum of 2 years successfully. The professional should also be licensed as a self-employed professional with any central body or state. For getting eligible for the loan, the professional should also be in the age group of 21 to 65 years, however, the age criteria can also differ from one lender to the other.
  • The loan helps the self-employed professionals in overcoming the liquidity requirements to avoid any usage from their savings.



Paisa Expo highly recommends professionals looking for some funds or credit at the time of emergencies to get a professional loan. Here are the benefits of the professional loan.

  • No security required
  • Attractive and affordable rate of interest
  • Minimum documents required with a simple process
  • Quick approval almost in 2 working days
  • Flexible repayment tenure



The professional loans are required when the professionals are looking for funds to meet their expenses at the time of emergencies. Here is a quick look at the characteristics of the professional loan.

  • Professionals can apply for a loan amount up to Rs. 75 lakhs
  • No prepayment charges along with another cost for the loan
  • No fore-closure charges for the professional loan
  • Professionals can choose ECS, PCD, and EMI for closing the loan




    As the professional loan is obtained with minimal documents, you need to submit KYC documents along with documents referring to your profession. The list includes:

    • Documents of your professional degree
    • PAN card of your firm, company or individual
    • Documents of your KYC like passport, Aadhar card, driving license, Voters ID Card, or PAN card
    • Residential proof like passport, Aadhar card, driving license, or Voters ID card
    • Bank Account statement of last 6 months
    • Income tax computation, profit and loss account, and balance sheet, of the last 2 years along with the latest ITR attested by a chartered accountant
    • Proof regarding the continuation of the business like the Trade license, ITR, Sales tax certificate, or establishment certificate

    Apart from all these, other documents might be required if asked by the lender.



  • At Paisa Expo, company secretaries, doctors, architects, Chartered Accountants, and other consultants can enjoy the simple and easy process of getting a professional loan. We understand your business goals and provide suitable loan options. All our services are tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Our experts guide you with the best packages of customized loans that will fulfill your financial objectives. Irrespective of whether you are looking to scale up specific business operations, expand your current professional space, achieve your professional goals, or even looking for some fresh working capital, our proficient team will help you out through the process with all the essential aspects like paperwork, eligibility criteria, and much more to make the process convenient and quick.



How Will My Eligibility Be Calculated?

  • You are eligible for getting a professional loan if your age ranges from 23 to 65 years. You should have a stable professional practice of a minimum of 2 years and your minimum income should be Rs. 5 lakhs annually.

How Much Maximum Business Loan Can I Get?

  • The maximum loan amount an individual can apply for a professional loan is Rs. 75 lakhs.

How Much Credit Score Is Important While Getting a Professional Loan?

  • In general, the credit score of the individual applying for a professional loan should range between 300 to 900 for giving the lenders a good idea of your creditability. However, the range depends on the lender.

What Are the Interest Rates Available for Professional Loans?

  • The rate of interest charged on the individuals for professional loans ranges from 11% to 16%. However, some banks also provide professional loans at 10.50% pa. Hence, it depends on the lender.

How Can I Apply for a Professional Loan?

  • Applying for a professional loan is much comfortable with Paisa Expo. You can easily visit our official website, check your eligibility along with required documents and our experts would help you with the entire process of application.

How Professional Loan Different from Another Loan?

  • The professional loans are charged with a reduced interest rate compared to other generic business loans. The maximum tenure of repayment is around 60 months, but some banks provide a tenure of 72 months.


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