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Personal Loan

  • Personal loans are available to people who need to take care of their personal expenses that are not catered in their monthly budget. Unexpected expenses can occur a few times a year. Although such expenses are not significant, they can cause a lot of stress if you don’t have enough funds.
  • Personal loans are ideal to meet unexpected medical bills, urgent home repairs, wedding expenses, school fees, foreign trip and more. Personal loans are designed for such situations where you don’t have to take huge loans.
  • If you are struggling to find a bank that offers you the personal loan you need, we can help. At Paisa Expo we do more than just hand you a list of suitable lenders for a personal loan. Our experts can help you through your loan application to ensure you have the best possible chance of being approved.



  • A personal loan is a credit that is granted by banks, NBFCs, online lenders, or other financial institutions for personal use. Personal loans are often unsecured and the credit limits are based on borrower’s existing financial statement and ability to pay. Personal loans are suitable for borrowers with an excellent credit score. A personal loan is an amount borrowed from a lender at a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period.




  • An eligible candidate should be a minimum of 21 years to take a personal loan. The maximum age limit can go up to 60 years for salaried employees and 65 years for non-salaried professionals at the time of maturity. The age limit varies from bank to bank.  Minimum income for a personal loan should be between Rs.20,000 to Rs. 25,000. The maximum EMI for a loan will be up to 75% of Net Salary depending upon the organization in which the applicant work.
  • A personal loan can be used for any expenses such as medical, home improvements, moving, wedding, debt consolidation, vacation, shortcomings, educational expenses and more.




Paisa Expo recommends personal loans for those who are in temporary financial emergencies. Personal loans are easily available with all top financial lenders.

  • No security required
  • Loans processed with limited documents
  • Quick and easy processing
  • Use personal for any financial shortcomings
  • Create an emergency fund




Personal loans are taken when you need money to meet your emergency requirements and you can pay it back at an affordable interest rate. Here are the characteristics of a personal loan.

  • They are unsecured which means you don’t need to risk your assets to obtain the loan
  • Interest rates are lesser than credit card or cash advance loans
  • Personal loans can be used for any expenses without showing documents of proof
  • A personal loan can be used for debt consolidation where you can combine all your debt into one loan




  • Proof of Identity – Driving License/Voters ID/Permanent Account Number (PAN Card)/Passport/Aadhar Card
  • Address Proof – Rental Agreement/Electricity Bill/Utility Bill/Passport/Bank Passbook/Government-authorized Identity proof
  • Pay Slip and Bank statement – Authorized payslips/ bank account where income is credited
  • Latest Form 16
  • 2 Passport size photographs



  • At Paisa Expo, we help you save time, money, and energy with our expert service to avail of the personal loan you want. Whether you are hoping to meet your unexpected personal expenses, increase the cash flow for your business, or close your existing loans, we understand the difficulties of the long and stressful loan process.
  • By choosing us, you choose a financial expert that tailors your needs and requirements. To us, you are someone whom we want to help reach the goal. Our friendly financial team can help through the entire process. Whether you want assistance in the application process, or need guidance to find personal loans at the lowest interest rate, we’ve always got your back!



How Will My Loan Eligibility Be Calculated?

      • You are eligible for a personal loan if you are a salaried profession between 25 and 58 years. Your loan eligibility is calculated based on your monthly income (mostly up to 26 times more than monthly income). 

How Much Maximum Personal Loan I Can Get?

      • An individual is eligible to get up to Rs 40 lakh. Lenders will evaluate the monthly income of the borrower and consider the eligibility criteria of the individual to sanction the personal loan.

How Much Credit Score Is Important While Getting Personal Loans?

      • The minimum CIBIL score for a personal loan is 700+ however, you can get a personal loan even with a lower credit score. CIBIL score below 599 is not eligible for a personal loan. If you have a score between 600-700, you will be eligible at a higher rate of interest.

What Are the Interest Rates Available for Personal Loan?

      • The personal interest rate varies from one bank to the other.  It also varies from one person to the other based on the salary, company, and other factors. The interest rate may range between 10.50% to 16.00%.

How Can I Apply for a Personal Loan?

      • You can easily apply for personal loans online if you have the eligibility status and the required documents. You can compare the personal loan interest rates from different banks at Paisa Expo. Reach out to our experts to apply for a personal loan.

How Personal Loans are Different from Other Loans?

      • A personal loan has a set repayment period and this is Unsecured in nature. Whereas in other loans we need some property as collateral security.

What If I Don't Have a Credit History or Credit Score?

  • You may still qualify for a personal loan with no credit history or credit score. However, lenders may charge a higher rate of interest and may ask you to apply for the loan along with co-applicant to improve the creditworthiness.  

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