Grievance Redressal Mechanism

PaisaExpo Fintech Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') believes that customer service is its highest priority as that is what drives growth and continuous business. The Company believes that prompt, efficient, and transparent service is critical to build long lasting customer relationships. The Company is determined to ensure expeditious and efficacious handling of the customer Grievances, as well as prompt remedial & preventive action (inclusive of amendment of the Mechanism, as and when required) with the objective to avert repetitiveness.



  • The Company understands that despite striving to achieve high standards of customer service excellence, there can be gaps in existing service delivery. Hence, it is critical to provide an appropriate system and process to customers to share their Grievances. The Company aspires to create robust systems and processes to ensure effective and timely solutions to Grievances with an impartial approach to set higher benchmarks towards effective stakeholder engagement. We have ensured that all employees of the company are aware and well versed with our Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism (“Mechanism”). Our Mechanism is based on following principles: Customers are always treated equitably without any prejudice at all instances Grievance raised by customers are acknowledged attentively and dealt with courtesy in a timely manner and address the key questions on why the complainant feels aggrieved or dissatisfied Customers are provided with multiple touchpoints to submit their Grievances Customers are facilitated and sensitized about their rights in the Company and mechanism to convey their Grievances as well as their rights pertaining to alternate remedies in the Company if they are not satisfied with the resolution of their Grievances Grievances are investigated and redressed in a time bound and transparent manner Grievances are reviewed and critically analyzed to improve the existing processes and systems to ensure that the re-occurrence of such Grievances are minimized On the basis of this Mechanism, the Company shall ensure that an appropriate Mechanism subsists for the purpose of receiving and addressing Grievance from its customers, with the aim of resolving the Grievance equitably and expeditiously. The Mechanism encompasses adherence to the provisions of Digital Lending guidelines and other regulations stipulated by Reserved Bank of India (RBI).


Grievance Redressal Framework

  • Means and Mode- Any customer having a Grievance with respect to the product and services offered by the Company may reach out to the Company through any of the following channels: Call at +91 78273 35340 Email at: Write a letter at the address: D61, B01, D Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Format of Grievance
    • Customers are requested to necessarily provide necessary details which includes: Details of Products for which Grievance is made Date of Application submitted Details of Grievance Valid Contact Information including Phone No. & E-mail ID registered with the Company at the time of registration for availing the services
  • How will we address a Grievance?
    • a. When the customer Grievance is received, we will endeavour to send an acknowledgement/a response within 48 working hours of receiving the Grievance. b. After examining the matter, we will send our final response or explain why we need more time to respond and shall endeavor to do so within 30 days of receipt of Grievance.
  • Details of Nodal Grievance Redressal Officer
    • Name of the Officer - Mr. Vaibhav Sharma Office Address - D61, B01, D Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh E-mail - Call at - +91 78273 35340
  • Continuous Feedback from Customers
    • The Company will also solicit voluntary feedback from customers on an ongoing basis in a bid to improve its customer service quality.



  • Notwithstanding anything contained in this Mechanism, the Company shall ensure compliance with any additional requirements as may be prescribed under any laws/regulations either existing or arising out of any amendment to such laws/regulations or otherwise and applicable to the Company from time to time.



  • This Mechanism is subject to review by the Company as and when necessary.
  • This Mechanism shall be subject to the applicable laws including but not limited to the rules, regulations, guidelines, directives and instructions issued by RBI and any other statutory authority from time to time and shall supersede the earlier version of the Mechanism. Any change/amendment in applicable laws with regard to maintenance of an appropriate Grievance Redressal Mechanism shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Mechanism by reference and this Mechanism shall be deemed to have been amended and revised accordingly.