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The business loan EMI calculator helps you to know the monthly installments you have to pay, so you can easily plan your repayment.

Enter the below on the EMI calculator:

  • Principal (loan amount)
  • Tenor
  • Rate of interest

The calculator uses the following formula:

E = P x r x (1 + r) ^ n / [(1 + r) ^ n - 1]


  • E is the EMI.
  • P means principal or amount of the loan.
  • R is the interest rate (calculated monthly).
  • N is the tenor (calculated monthly).

Check the following example to see how the calculator works:

You have a business loan of Rs. 20 Lakh at a 12 percent interest rate for 4 years. As per the formula above, the EMI is going to be:
E = 20, 00,000 x 12%/12 x (1 + 12%/12) ^ 4 / [(1 + 12%/12) ^ 4 – 1]
E = 52,668
Hence, your EMIs will be Rs. 52,668.

How can you calculate the EMI using an unsecured business loan calculator?

An EMI Calculator for a Business Loan is simple to use. All you have to do is enter the amount of the loan, the tenor (in months) and the interest rate and you're done.

What is a business loan EMI?

There are different forms you can repay the Business Loan. Some of the simplest options to reimburse your debt are by an Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI), where the debt is split into similar set payments charged annually before the loan is completely repaid. An EMI is the principal amount of the loan and the interest incurred thereon.

This method of repayment makes it easier for small businesses that run on tight cash and wish to finance costly investments such as equipment, plants, and machinery, etc. but do not have liquidity capital to pay for these expenses upfront.

What's the EMI calculator for business loans?

A small business loan calculator lets you measure your monthly EMIs on your business loan.

It tool allows you to pre-determine the amount you expect to pay at the end of each month, allowing you to look for a loan that suits your business's short-term needs and thereby improves your cash resource planning.

What is the interest rate of a business loan?

Bajaj Finserv provides low-interest rates on Business loans that render your EMIs manageable and enable you to repay the loan easily with a lower probability of default.

The following is the interest and other charges on business loans:

Type of charges


Rate of interest

18% per annum onwards

Processing fees

Up to 3% on the principal

Penal interest

2% per month

Bounce charges

Up to Rs. 3,000 (Inclusive of taxes)

Document processing fees

Rs. 1,449 with applicable taxes

Outstation collection charges

Rs. 65 with applicable taxes

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