Why Health Insurance is necessary now?

Throughout India, thanks to the increase in the novel COVID-19 cases both states are under lockdown. The virus belongs to a wide family of viruses that cause mild diseases such as common flu that contribute to serious illnesses such as extreme acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Individuals have symptoms such as elevated fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  

Currently, no vaccine prevents anyone from contracting the disease, and not getting exposed to the illness is the only way you save yourself. Specifically, health experts have recommended some of the precautionary steps to ensure the virus is healthy, below are some of them:

 * Stay at home

* Cover your nose and ears as you sneeze and cough

* Wear a mask forever

* Disposal of tissues contained in closed garbage bins

* Purify the surfaces periodically 

There are a few health precautions that you can take to contain the infection. The Government always allows all the provisions possible to keep you healthy by offering the best care in licensed hospitals. With all the changes taking place, you can worry whether health insurance is appropriate in these circumstances.  

As per the directives of the Indian Insurance and Regulatory Authority (IRDAI), almost all insurance providers are expanding their coverage for coronavirus to different forms of health insurance policies. That assumes even although you do have insurance care coverage, both hospitalization and medication expenses would be borne by the carriers. Here are some of the advantages that you will enjoy:  

* Pre & post hospitalization expenses

* Covers confirmatory test costs paid with hospitalization expenditures

* Pays isolation payments whether the care is in the licensed medical establishment

* Ambulance charges

* No room renting limit at hospital

* Cashless demands and compensation cases


Importance of health insurance during COVID-19

  1. High treatment cost: It is important to purchase health care policy for you and your families since the expense of medication for COVID-19 or some other disease is expensive. The transmission of the disease is so rampant it can negatively impact the health of all the family members. In India, a COVID-19 diagnostic examination originally had a cost of around Rs.4500 plus the hospitalization costs that may be about Rs.10, 000 for a single patient. If you have health care, though, all those expenses will be covered.
  2. Protect senior members:If you have vulnerable family members, like your mother, so you can purchase health insurance. The lethal virus mainly affects elderly citizens and others that appear to have a poor degree of immunity. You will provide a program for the welfare of your parents and family members that can protect them from possible health risks. 
  3. Financially secured: Health insurance keeps you bankrupt financially. It will cover all costs incurred for medical tests, doctor's consultation fees, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, ambulance fees, quarantine costs if you are seeking hospital treatment. In case of a medical emergency, this would reduce your financial stress.   

Believe it or not, the coronavirus epidemic has taught us a lot of things, one is about sanitation and the second most significant one is never to forget the value of health insurance cover. If you and your colleagues have no healthcare insurance yet, now is the moment until it's too late.