1. Benefits of EPF India Scheme

    Benefits of EPF India Scheme

    The employees’ provident fund scheme provides an array of benefits towards the EPF employee members. It inculcates a sense of financial stability and security in them.

    Below is a list of benefits that an EPF employee member can avail through the said scheme –

    Capital appreciation – PF online scheme will provide a pre-fixed interest on the deposit held with the EPF India. Additionally, rewards extended at maturity will further ensure growth in the employees’ funds and in turn, accelerate capital appreciation.

    Corpus for Retirement – Around 8.33% of an employer’s contribution is directed towards the Employee Pension Scheme. In the long run, the amount deposited in the employee provident fund will help in building a healthy retirement corpus. Such a corpus develops a sense of

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  2. How to open PPF Account Savings Benefits when you can withdraw

    How to open PPF Account Savings Benefits when you can withdraw

    Public Provident Fund or PPF scheme operated by the government provides a dynamic combination of high returns, safety, and tax-saving benefits. PPF is currently one of the best options in India if you're planning to save and invest for your retirement.

    The interest earned on PPF investment is associated with 10-year government bonds and keeps changing on a regular basis. Currently, the PPF interest rate is 8% in India. The interest is compounded annually to help investors earn high returns. PPF has the benefit of EEE (Exempt-Exempt-Exempt) tax status and also all the gains you earn until the completion of maturity is tax-free.

    Now that you have a fundamental idea of PPF account benefits; let us take a look at some critical PPF rules and how to open PPF account-

    Important PPF Rules

    PPF Account

    • Eligibility-Provident fund schemes like EPF and VPF are only available for
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