Why is financial planning so essential for a life?


Planning is one of the most important characteristics of human beings. When it comes to finances, preparation needs to be practical, because there are enough factors that may impact the financial preparation. As Allen Lakein says, 'The failure to prepare is planning to fail.' Fulfilment of future needs and enhancement of living conditions relies on the preparations you are making now. So, what's your future plan? Are you considering the considerations that could rock your financial plans? Read 5 main reasons why you need better financial preparation tomorrow.

Inflation: Inflation is considered the greatest enemy of buying power. In the Indian context, if measured with the objective estimates, the price of Rs. 100 in 1979 is Rs. 5.55 this year as of (September 2015) and would go further down. That is a fall in the value of the currency. That is because demand

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