1. Payment Wallets in India

    Payment Wallets in India


    Lets discuss about the Top 5 Digital Wallets in India

    Mobile wallets or Digital wallets (e-wallets) refer to a device or service allowing you to execute electronic monetary transactions. Cashless money transaction payments can be made via a Digital Wallet. And your digital wallet can also be connected to your cell phone number.

    India's numbers of digital wallet users have increased phenomenally. The nation is progressing slowly towards becoming a cashless economy. A Digital Wallet or Mobile Wallet (e-wallet) allows it simpler by allowing you to transact instantly and conveniently.


    Here Are the Top 5 Digital Wallets in India

    1) PayTM:

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  2. How to perform Digital payments

    How to perform Digital payments


    Let us discuss about various Digital Payment Methods in India

    The government aims to create a digitally enhanced country, with the goal of rendering India digitally sound and holding the agenda of Modern India alive. The government has encouraged digital payments that have many forms and styles to render the economy 'paperless, faceless and cashless'. Some digital payment methods are already popular among people such as using debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, internet banking, UPI, etc. with easy access from anywhere, digital payment methods are fast and convenient. So it does a transaction in no time, speeding up the cycle. Digital payments gained acceptance when citizens were cashless within a night and became common after demonetization. It took time for new currency rotation and people were obliged to use digital methods of payment. Digital payments refer

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  3. Future is Digital

    Future is Digital


    Digital future refers to the thought that each one business can operate digitally within the future.

    There are numerous reports available which determine the digital future of business.

    But what does digital future entail until it is a pointless buzz word.

    Commencing at the edges. The digital future is a world of what Microsoft terms 'environmental computing.' Just as customers today are actively linked, so will companies work the same way in the immediate future?

    First, as in banking and financial services, shopping, telecommunications, and tourism, every other company is creating a digital future focused on a connection with any client that is still linked. All businesses understand that they have to deliver a tailored

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