About US

Paisa Expo ranks among the top neutral online marketplace for credit cards and loans with customized rate quotes. We come up with the aim of making financial decisions quick, easy, transparent, and convenient for our clients. We stand wide among independent online players in the market who have expended loans exceeding Rs. 10,000 crores annually. We are built up with a team of financial experts who are working in the field for more than 12 years and have gained experience from top financial institutions and banks globally.


What do we do?:

  • Whether you are looking for any kind of insurance, loans, investment products, or even any credit card, Paisa Expo is a one-stop destination for all your requirements. We help our clients in the comparison of various products and select the best for themselves like personal loans, credit cards, home loans, car loan, education loans, mutual funds, and even savings account. With more than 90 partners including various banks and financial institutions, we operate in more than 250 cities in India with more than 200 products.
  • When you approach us, we compare products and your eligibility on the basis of interest rates, processing fees, tenure, and other essential features that are important for your selection. We provide a bias-free insight during the comparison providing complete assistance for obtaining the best deal and zero hassles. Hence, Paisa Expo is an ideal place for a completely transparent, convenient, and hassle-free financial process.


Why Choose Us?:

  • Thinking what makes our product list attractive to clients? It is an affordable rate of interest as well as a simple process that has eliminated the traditional processes that were financially complex and time-consuming too.
At Paisa Expo, we provide our clients with:
  • A Huge Product List
    • Paisa Expo ranks among the top marketplace for online finance in India which offers a complete package of financial products like personal loans, credit cards, loans against property, fixed deposits, savings account, mutual funds, etc. Covering more than 75 banks along with other financial institutions, Paisa Expo helps you with affordable and quick loans, easy application process online, secure database, etc.
  • Free Credit Report
    • Paisa Expo helps you with the first step towards obtaining credit cards or loans completely free, credit report along with monthly reports. Yes, we don’t charge you a single penny for knowing your credit journey which helps in the selection of the products, knowing the eligibility and approval chances too.
  • Customized and Neutral Advice
    • Paisa Expo is popular for obtaining customized solutions for every investing and lending requirements of the clients. With the help of the comparison engine, we help clients with an unbiased decision or options based on their needs and profile. Once the latest and final financial numbers are submitted to the financial organizations and banks, the same engine also helps in getting to the right decision in a smart way.
  • A Unified Journey
    • Paisa Expo is much popular among the investors for a continuous investment journey. Be it the selection of any product, or assistance for transacting, the entire team of Paisa Expo comes up with 24/7 assistance which makes the buying process much speedy, simple, and easier. As we work with the leading financial institutions and banks, for moving the credit profile evaluation as well as the process of KYC online. Hence, the transaction time is reduced to a great extent compared to the traditional methods.
  • Presence-less and paper-free process
    • Paisa Expo primarily focuses on the latest technology that helps in getting solutions without the help of any papers. We provide the clients with a presence-less and paperless process for any kind of loan or even credit card. Whether it is investing in a Government bank, or any private financial institution, through digitizing customer verification and identification process, we work on every process without meeting the clients or even visiting their banks for working on various papers.


Something more than investments and loans:

  • Yes, at Paisa Expo, we don’t limit our reliable services to investments and loans but also help our customers with better decisions with the help of our advanced tools and learning sections. We use the latest calculators and online tools that help in determining eligibility and EMI considering the savings portion at the time of loan transfers. Considering both, your requirements and products, our calculators and online tools come up with an ideal investment or credit plan suitable to your pocket.
  • Our brief and explaining articles are all set to help you understand the plans and processes regarding products for personal finance like loans, investments, or even credit cards. Getting a deep insight into the articles, our product list, and expert advice you can surely get to the right decision for a well-developed financial future.


Contact Us:

  • Having any queries? Or looking for some professional assistance? Feel free to get in touch with us through our email address contact@PaisaExpo.com All your questions would be well attempted with a proper explanation.
  • You can also visit our site www.PaisaExpo.com and seek the latest information for all our financial products and make a smart move by saving both your precious time and money.